Understanding behaviour can be a difficult and confusing thing.

Part of the most frustrating thing about Personality Disorders is the immature defence mechanism of “projection”.

Think of a projector screen or a mirror.

Often times the things we feel within ourselves and the things we do not like about ourselves get projected onto others, resulting in behaviours like:



•Not taking accountability.

•”Poor me” syndrome.

This literally is unconscious for most people, meaning, the person speaking is completely unaware that what they’re saying is actually about themselves.

This defence mechanism prohibits self-awareness and prevents any change in ones own behaviours and patterns.  If you are always projecting onto others, you will never see yourself, which is another way to avoid the painful truth and avoid taking responsibility for the inner pain you refuse to face.

The more you project, the less capable you are to see within – to see the truth and to make the changes.

Trying to change everyone else around you is futile… Growth is an inside job.

Can you identify this in yourself? In someone close to you?

Ask yourself:

Is what I am projecting really a lie in disguise?


Warm regards,



Keep healing, keep growing, keep finding your truth.