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Author: Oriana

Battling the “I’m Not Good Enough” Syndrome

You may wonder, what is this not good enough epidemic I keep hearing about?  It is something that I discovered I had a few years ago. In more recent times, I have heard others share similar experiences to my own––expressing the symptoms and life outcomes that reflected that we in fact were suffering from the same illness, which I call: The not good enough Syndrome.   What is tricky about this “syndrome”, is that many people are not even aware they have it! This is the invisible work of inner core beliefs at play.  These beliefs operate within us,...

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Redefining Borderline Personality Disorder from the DSM Criteria

Disclaimer: This is long and emotionally intensive as it is a representation of my thought process as someone who is borderline. I promise an encouraging ending.   It has taken me 23 years to effectively communicate my emotions. I felt trapped by the stigma and damning diagnostic criteria. This is my reflection on each “identifying factor” that I’ve experienced and what they mean to me. There are aspects not touched upon in the very criteria that is intended to define me, and others like me. I took the liberty of elaborating on what I feel are consequential identifying factors that I...

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An Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

What Is BPD??? Borderline personality Disorder (BPD), is a serious mental illness that centres on an inability to manage emotions effectively. There is a long-term pattern of abnormal behaviour characterized by: Unstable relationships with other people Unstable sense of self Unstable emotions Everyone can most likely recognize some of the BPD traits to varying degree. It is how many of the traits you have and to what degree that the traits effect your daily life, that qualifies you for a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. The term ‘borderline’ refers to the now outdated but once widely accepted notion that...

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When BPD Makes you Consistently Inconsistent

I have often felt like a walking contradiction.  Living this way has my mind and heart oscillating between two extreme but opposite realities.  This inconsistency of my personality has me questioning my very sense of self; who I am? Who do I want to be?   My inner voice at time cheers me on one day, raises doubts the next.  Not knowing what I am going to feel like (who I’m going to be) the next day, has me feeling exhausted, confused and frustrated.   The two extremes in perception and emotion that I experience in the ‘borderline’ part...

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Is Your Past Creating a Roadblock to Wellness?

In my teenage and early adult years, I was so consumed with my own suffering, that I didn’t realize how my suicidality and self destructive tendencies affected my parents.   Having tunnel vision, I was hyper focused on my own emotional pain   I have to admit; at the time I didn’t really care how they felt. After all, the trauma I experienced while in their care was the cause of my developing BPD in the first place. Right?   Having grown up in chronological age, as well as, emotional age, I now see things much differently.   Also,...

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