I overlooked your past, your addiction, your mistakes.  Listened to all the crazy stories and

I loved you anyway

Your short fuse, bursts of anger, break ups every few days.  Disappearing and silent treatment,

I loved you anyway

Tried to meet ALL your demands, needs and expectations. Left exhausted, confused, with many frustrations, still,

I loved you anyway

From public humiliation to total isolation.  Trying to be perfect yet I never measured up.

Taking ALL the guilt, responsibility and blame. Empty words and broken promises,

I loved you anyway

Never to be heard, abandoned and rejected.  Feeling like the enemy, scared and unprotected.

Left pregnant and alone, holding onto little hope.  Always coming last, to your infidelities and your dope.

The labour and delivery of our son, that you missed…Left me broken in two, yet I longed for your kiss…

Thinking, “I must be a masochist”.

Verbal attacks and accusations, slander of my name.  Using me, manipulation, for your selfish gain.

Victimized again and again and still,

I loved you anyway

A single parent, full of resentment, knowing you’ll never change.  The sleepless nights and tear soaked pillows,

I loved you anyway

In your eyes I’ll never be right, not validated or understood;

But know this, I really tried,

to love you as best as I could.

No more am I selling my soul to the Narcissist-Addict for love


Warm regards,



Keep healing, keep growing, keep finding your truth.