Share your truth:: Write for us!!

Hello and welcome my fellow personalities!  

Although people living with Borderline Personality Disorder have trait-specific symptoms, not every person with BPD has an identicle experience.  To cover a broader spectrum and furthur insight into living with BPD, I am inviting guest blog submissions to share their experience.

Are you a good candidate? 

Do you have a story of personal growth, healing and self discoveries (truths) to share?

Do you have helpful strategies for coping with anxiety, depression, Self destructive tendencies?

Do you live with Borderline Personality Disorder? — which therapies worked well for you in your recovery journey?

Before you join our team, review the history of Lies in Disguise and the meaning behind the name:

Lies in disguise are the false beliefs (lies) we learned to believe. We learned them through negative experiences (trauma, abuse, neglect).

Lies I learned about myself early in childhood were:

– I am not good enough,

– I am not lovable,

– people will abandon me/reject me.

These belief’s fuel the fear of abandonment and as a means for the psyche to protect itself from emotional pain, maladaptive defense mechanisms (Splitting, projection, regression, self-harm, etc.) were developed unconsciouslydisguised.

Now that you know what the lies in disguise represent, next is finding your truth.

finding your truth involves the process (therapies/strategies) it took to discover the ‘lies’ and how you have uprooted them (healed past trauma & gained personal growth).

Recovery is not linear and is life long. Even if you are ‘recovered’ from BPD, some of the borderline PD traits can still persist. This is why in connection with our name, each blog post will end with these words of encouragement:

Keep healing, keep growing, keep finding your truth

For more information about the creation of L.I.D and my journey, visit the About me section.

Your Contribution:

Writing and expressing yourself can be very healing and a part of your recovery journey, that is why we are encouraging our fellow personalities to come forth with a spirit of giving and volunteer blogging content to share with our viewers. You will be credited for your work and will be able to add links to your website or profile. 

The content we encourage:

In line with our name and philosophy, we are focussing on positive reflections of living with and recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as, anxiety, depression, and other traits related to your BPD experience.

Things to share are: personal stories, therapy experiences, self help material/resources and practical information that helps you on a daily basis.

Material that clears up misconceptions of people with BPD and the stigma associated with the disorder.

The content we discourage:

To protect the safety of our viewers, avoid any descriptive stories about self harm/mutilation, abuse and other traumatic experiences. There are ways you can share about these topics without the gory details.

Any material that stigmatizes, stereotypes or portrays personality disorders in a negative light.

Please do not advertise your product/service/business within your blog post. You may share this information within your biography posted at the end of your blog.

No plagiarism or copied material. The work MUST be your own authentic writings.

How to Submit a blog:

Submit one blog at a time. Allow 10 days to pass before submitting your next blog. Each blog will be reviewed first and go through our editing process.

You will hear back within the 10 days if your blog will be featured. If your story is not published do not be discouraged, it will be held in our file for a possible future a post (unless it violates our guidelines).  Please continue to submit future blogs.

*By submitting with us you agree to our terms of our editorial process. Some language may be changed but the overall message will remain the same.

Blog submissions are done via email at:

Submitting Steps:

Put your full blog post right into the body of the email with your title at the top. In the subject write “blog submission”.

At the end of your blog please put your biography – 120 words or less with the links to your social media or website in brackets: (

Send a headshot in the same email as your blog to be featured with your bio. (optional)

Happy writing!