I found my anxiety climbing for the last couple of days.  By the third day I noticed it the most.

If I was sitting down I was rocking back in forth, unable to sit still.  If I was standing, I was pacing back and forth.  I would catch myself take a gasp for air as it felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.  My back was killing me.

Sound familiar?

I kept saying in frustration, “why do I feel this way”?.  I was so obsessed with how I was feeling I couldn’t concentrate on my simple daily tasks.

My thoughts were running away on me and my family around me were tense due to my anxious energy and shortness of patience.

I had to go back to the basics in cognitive therapy and think “ok, what am I thinking that is creating these intense emotions”? That itself was a hard task to do; since it takes more work than just pouring a glass of wine or popping a pill.  I decided not to take the short cut, and forced myself to self examine.

I knew I was overwhelmed with new demands and the hang ups of starting a new business, which is completely understandable.  The thing I came to realize – which was a light bulb moment – was I caught myself saying the words,

I can’t” …

I had all these ideas and so many things to accomplish and I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it.

I was setting myself up for failure before even trying.  All this did was was take my own power away.

Every task, big or small, I kept saying “I can’t” after it. I probably said it twenty times (at least) just today, not including the last few days.

Being an anxious person, this statement made my anxiety increase significantly.

Are you saying this to yourself? Can you stop, be mindful and listen to your inner voice?  Just Identifying this common mistake can give your mind some relief and decrease in intensity.

Practice changing your vocabulary and remember that not everything you think is true.


Warm Regards,



Keep healing, keep growing, keep finding your truth