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Author: Oriana

The Debilitating Phrase you Should STOP Saying.

I found my anxiety climbing for the last couple of days.  By the third day I noticed it the most. If I was sitting down I was rocking back in forth, unable to sit still.  If I was standing, I was pacing back and forth.  I would catch myself take a gasp for air as it felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.  My back was killing me. Sound familiar? I kept saying in frustration, “why do I feel this way”?.  I was so obsessed with how I was feeling I couldn’t concentrate on my simple daily tasks. My...

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Looking Beyond the Symptoms

What are symptoms? Symptoms are physical or mental changes that indicate a certain disease or disorder. In this case, behaviours can be a symptom.  Always with any symptom, there is an underlying cause. The behaviours that are associated with Borderline Personality Disorder are also symptoms.  These “symptoms” characterize the disorder, though each behaviour is not the disorder itself. The symptoms or behaviour’s themselves can create problems but are not the main problem. Examples of behaviours or symptoms: Alcohol and drug abuse Promiscuity, sex Gambling or excessive spending Self mutilation, cutting Suicidality Reckless driving and/or other dangerous activities We all have our vices, our outlets, and they all...

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