The saying “No bad days” has become a popular phrase.

I understand the concept of promoting a constant positive attitude, although it is not realistic to never have a bad day, nor is it healthy.

It would be especially harmful for someone with mental illness – we will have setbacks, we will have panic attacks, we will have another crisis.  This is a part of our growing, healing and moving forward.

Not allowing yourself to have a bad day could be viewed as neglect of self care.  Sometimes you need that day to veg-out and do absolutely nothing.  To be completely unproductive.  Sometimes you may need a day (yes a whole day) to lay in bed and cry…

If I didn’t have a bad day I wouldn’t have any good days.

Your body could be telling you something like this “you’re working too hard and enough is enough” OR you’re lacking in self care and not meeting your own needs.

It also could be that you need to bring something into your awareness to work on, perhaps a trigger and/or painful memory stored in your subconscious mind.

Allow yourself to have that “bad” day. Not letting yourself have bad days or feel negative emotions when necessary, is self-avoidance!

We learn from these bad days, we grow from these bad days; we heal from these bad days . . .

We have to get rid of the negative energy in order to replace it with the good energy.

The key is not to give up after you experience your bad day.  Use it for what it is,

an outlet to:

  • discover something new about yourself.
  • release painful emotions.
  • regenerate when you are burnt out.

Whatever the case, your “bad” days is yours.  It can not be taken from you nor denied.

Something positive will come out of it on the other side.

The worst day of your life is only 24 hours long.


Warm regards,



Keep healing, keep growing, keep finding your truth.